Astrid's Nude Dare - 2

Astrid's Nude Dare

Hey hey Webmaster/truthordarepics,

Sorry about the delay in posting I've been really busy in the lead up to Christmas. Its me again Astrid with another one of my dares from the good people who replied to my challenge. This challenge was sent in by nick. The challenge was to get completely naked in a stairwell in a building with multiple floors. I was extremely nervous about getting caught in this dare.

Not having any stairs at our disposal we went to a friends apartment block for dinner with full knowledge of how we could do this dare. Our plan went like this...

After dinner we said goodbye to our friends and proceeded to the lift. We got in the lift and pressed a random floor. Our friends would have thought that we were going to the ground floor and then getting our car and going home. Once the lift had stop me and my boyfriend got out and found the fire escape. We entered the fire escape and made sure we could get back out if we needed to at that level.

Once inside my boyfriend ordered me to strip in sequence. Firstly I took off the coat I was wearing. That wasn't that bad cause I still had clothes on. Next came my shirt. Still not bad but I was starting to get butterflies in my stomach knowing what was to come. I then undid my pants and slid them off. I was now standing in the stairwell in my underwear. All I could think about was If someone was to walk in now I would be so embarrassed.

Next came the hard part. I would now have to take off my underwear and be naked in an apartment building that was completely foreign to me. I had no idea if people frequently used the steps or not. I began to undo my corset and then let it slide off over my arms. My pierced tits were now exposed and I was more scared then ever. We kept hearing noises from inside the building. It sounded as if there were hundreds of people going about their daily business unaware that there was a semi naked , soon to be fully naked chick in their fire escape.

I wanted to stop and put my clothes back on and leave at this point but I knew my boyfriend would just say no. I was extremely scared but getting so randy at the same time so i took the plunge and slid off my G-string. Now i was fully exposed. There was no going back from here. I rehearsed in my head that if anyone came in I would simply explain that this was a dare.

My boyfriend had an extremely large smile on his face by now and i could tell he was enjoying this by the bulge in his pants. He then took out my Dildo out of my handbag and handed it to me. With the dildo now in my hand and my pussy lips swollen with excitement i began to plunge my pussy into submission. I didn't care anymore... i was just enjoying the thrill. It was strange but i actually wanted someone to catch me.

It felt like i was in there for hours. I then had a thought to surprise my boyfriend. I stop masturbating and jumped up. He asked what i was doing but i said nothing. I reached for the door handle, opened it and ventured out into the hallway. My boyfriend could not believe what he was seeing. I strolled around completely naked for a bit. If anyone had come out of their apartment i would have been fucked. All the fear that i had before was gone and replaced by extreme horny-ness.

Finally it was time to go. I had had such fun though. I'm actually beginning to really enjoy these dares. Keep the dares coming and i'll try to do my best to get them done. I'M GOING TO GO NUDE IN PUBLIC NEXT!!!!... any ideas?

Mwah Mwah

Astrid - dare_astrid @

Astrid's Nude Dare

Astrid's Nude Dare

Astrid's Nude Dare

Astrid's Nude Dare

Astrid's Nude Dare

Astrid's Nude Dare

Astrid's Nude Dare

Astrid's Nude Dare

Astrid's Nude Dare



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