My Bare Wife

My Bare Wife

Hi Everyone,

Here are some pictures of my wife. When I was just engaged with her, we had to spend Christmas separately for personal reasons on my side. She sill had a date with one of her ex's anyway, whom still screwed her once in a while for some financial benefits on her side. We were young and stupid and were more worried about money and how we were going to support ourselves etc...

She asked me, whether it was ok if she still screwed him this last time, she really needed the money. She was clear too that he would want to do everything with her. But she really left the decision on my side. I agreed.

On Christmas day, I called her and got no answer. Even though I knew, she must have been home. Thus, I knew they were screwing right now. It made me horny and I masturbated thinking of her just being filled up by him. Strange ... I never thought that it would actually turn me on.

The day after, I called her again, and asked her for details, which she was willing to give me. I masturbated again.

The next day, I finally was able to visit her again and within a few minutes after getting to her place from the airport, I went down on her. I actaully got an orgasm without touching myself. Just be eating her knowing that someone else screwed her not 2 days before was a sensation and a half.

That was a Christmas gift! We married and never did anything like it again and now it's 10 years later and we still think about that moment. It still makes us horny and we are thinking of doing something like it again but this time with me watching. I don't know when yet but we are talking about it. Reading similar stories online helps a lot.

We thought we'd start by posting to this site. These were vacation pictures. The first photo of her from behind was taken without her knowing until she saw the flash. Then you'll see another photo where I dared her to open her towel for me and, surprisingly to me, she did and with a smile! God I love my wife! She likes those pictures and agreed that they would be great for starters. We hope you all like em too. - S & N

My Bare Wife

My Bare Wife



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