Wife's Booty

Wife's Booty

Hi there,

This is a dare from me and my wife ...

I have been visiting this site for a long time now.. and I always wanted to post something here. But then you do not accept Male-only dares... I have always been a voyeur in my teen life and have been peeping at my neighbors all my teen life. Naturally I have spent enough time visiting websites like yours... But this is the most exiting website I have come across... I don't remember the last time I visited any other site in my free time...

Now that I'm married and busy with my job, i get very little time to spend on your website... I have always been eager to post something and have been very adventurous in my sex life...

My wife is also a very and horny chick, who I have always loved and never cheated... Nor do i wish to do that... But this is a different thrill to have her pics (especially with me fucking her from behind..) put up for everyone to see...Although I could have done that long back I was scared as there are people around who never understand the true love and beauty of a naked human body... So I wanted to check out and find a "safe" place to put up our pics... I find and trust your site for that.. Now the story..

My wife and me have been having a very good sex life... all this while.. before and after marriage.. We have had some good pics we took and also some videos we recorded on our "sex vacations"... However, being from a very closed community, never had the guts to put it up on-line.. But the idea of putting this up was very very horny...

So it was my wife's b'day a few days ago.. and I was giving her a pre-birthday satisfaction... We came home from work and as usual we had dinner and she was changing into her night clothes.. her nice 36DDDs were bouncing in front of me... I let her change completely and then lie beside me in bed and then I slid my hand inside her shirt and started caressing her.. she gets turned on pretty much easily and has a lot of hunger...;)... I never imagined (before we met..) that she would be so great a fuck... Now when she lies with her back towards me.. i just cant resist go in and giving her the heavens... This night was something similar.. We normally love to have sex in the dark... and "find" each other.. this night we had the lights full on.. and I was getting hornier with the sight of my wife..

While I was doing her from behind.. I got a crazy idea.. I picked up her mobile phone and started clicking snaps while we were rocking.. I was very excited with the fact that her booty's were looking good in the pics.. We normally also have had pics before.. it has been great.. This time it was different.. I told her that I will post this on a website... she was scared a bit, But I reassured her that it will be without any faces (her or mine)...

So with that she got even more horny and we had a very tiring and relaxing sex that night... Here are some pics for all of you... I have promised here that this a birthday gift for her... and that once up on the site.. I want her to show more for the audience..

My next aim is to go on a nude vacation.. to a beach or some safe place with my wife.. I would love to see her get horny in the open...

I hope you will post this... and at least for the initial time please do not reveal our names... I have created this email address for people to actually come back and give me some good feedback and as a new identity in the nude/exhibitionist world... But I need to get my wife's consent before we publish it to your readers.. For now just the story and pics... We'll be back.. :)

I know the pics are not looking good at this time. (***Note from webmaster - I decided not to post the other pics as the quality indeed was poor ). I'll post new ones later with a good camera.. need to set that up before we have sex...;) Also, please let us know when you put these up there...



YOUR PENIS !!              
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Follow instructions to Join group and enjoy!!!!

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