Short Skirt Outside at Bondi Beach


Short Skirt Outside at Bondi Beach



My wife has always been a bit of an exhibitionist. It's always been fairly light stuff like wearing bras that were very thin and allowed her erect nipples to be seen through her tops. We both enjoyed the looks she got from people but nothing too serious.

One time I was away on business and had to entertain a client for lunch, we had a little too much to drink and conversation started flowing, way beyond what you would expect. we both let our guard down and conversation shifted away from work and to our wives. My client started talking openly about what his wife likes and does in bed. I really didn't need or want to know but whatever! The conversation then shifted to my wife. Now he had previously met her and we had some drinks together but that's as far as it went. Without warning he asked if I had some pictures of my hot wife. It was the first time that he had addressed her as that. I didn't really care, in fact my ego was a little inflated that he thought she was hot. I showed him some tame pictures on my phone and he asked is that it? Next thing I know I was showing him some hot photos of her in various positions. The guy was drooling over her. We wrapped up the lunch and were walking back to catch a cab to the hotel when he stops by a ladies clothing store and says, he wanted to pick out an outfit for my wife and he wanted to see her wearing it. Alarm bells should have started ringing! He chose a short skirt that just didn't cover her ass and barely covered her crotch. It was more like a wide belt. He said her ass will look amazing in this skirt.

With the package in hand, we continued on to catch the cab where he reminded me that he wanted to see her in the skirt.

I was really excited to get home and hand her the package. I couldn't wait to see her in this slutty skirt. Holy shit, was she hot? It didn't cover her ass only barely cover her pussy. Every time the took a step, her pussy lips would peek out from under the skirt . It was so slutty. The wife couldn't believe it when I suggested she wear it during a day around town. With a little persuasion, she halfheartedly agreed.

On a hot summer day we went off to Bondi beach in Sydney. Now Bondi is full of people on a bad day but on this particular day is was crammed with back packers. As you can see from the pictures, her ass was on display for all to see. She attracted a lot of attention and even some offers to head off to the backpackers hostel for the afternoon. Later we head off to Sydney Harbour for a little more excitement.

I took photos and sent them to my client. He later asked if he could fuck her (that's another story), he was fascinated by her and couldn't stop talking about her. Naturally, I got a lot of work out of it.

She still continues to do a bit of exhibitionism, mostly in short skirts or sheer swimwear.

Apologies for the long winded story. We would both be very happy to hear your comments. Hope to post another dare shortly.


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