Dare Party

Dare Party


I've been a long time reader, but have been really nervous about posting a picture. But at a party, I got a good dare, and had to post it. I'm 22 and am engaged to another woman. We are a very big party couple, and love when other girls watch or join us. Here's the story;

It was a friend's annual girl party, where a bunch of us have been getting together since we were 16 to hang out, goof off, and of course, play truth or Dare. Well, most of us get pretty drunk and for anyone who isn't lesbian, which isn't many, they don't care by the game.

It started out simple, mainly truths about encounters, turn ons, behaviors, but by the time someone said dare, it got intense. The first dare was for someone to completely undress, strip another girl, put all their clothes on her, and get dressed in their clothes. Of course, she chose me to trade with. I was in a skirt, sweat shirt and panties, and I had to trade with her really small jeans, shirt and thong. Next, I got dared to take a picture with two girl of us with our pantsdown, which is the picture we sent you, and send it to a site.

Then it got really hot. Me and anther girl had to take off each other's pants and panties with just our mouths, and then someone else had to get naked, soak their panties on another girl's crotch, and put them back on. Then, me and my gf (at the time, now engaged) had to strip all the way, and suck on the crotch of every other clothed girls panties. I didn't complain. There were a lot more, but the last one before we had to go was the best. We had to go into the front room of the house, and everyone had to pair up and fully go at it. Me and anothergirl, not mine, were totally making out, coothes rubbing aganst each other, and ten minutes later, a pizza guy came in and saw us, and his pants rose! Tina, the host, pulled him in, stirpped him, and gave him a hard 69. We got the pizza free. Me and my girl got dressed, got a slice, and went home, ready for some great sex.

please don't incude my name or email, thanks!

Julie 1



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