Flashing Dares

Flashing Dares


My partner and I visited a hotel one eve that was full of guests. In the bar area we she was flashing to everybody, having nothing on under her coat-we had a mixture of approving or disgusting looks. I then dared her to insert her drink bottle inside her. Without a second thought, she picked it up, slipped it in and started playing with it until she came. Amazingly nobody walked in front of us, but plenty walked behind many guessed what she was doing. Some lingered, peeping every now and again like this gent. Following on from this I whipped out my hard cock and dared her to give me a BJ. She proceeded to suck my cock for a long time again in few view of the bar. Several people walked past and quickly hurried on, apart from the waiters who walked slowly by, took a hard look and grinned! After this it was outside to the reception car park where I fucked her hard over the boot of the car right in front of people leaving the hotel. A great night for dares and public sex!

Kevin - kpage3 @ toucansurf.com


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