Sex with Fruit

Sex with Fruit

Hello All,

I love to ask my girlfriend questions about her past, especially sexual questions. Well one night we were having sex I took the beer bottle that I was drinking and started rubbing the top of the bottle on her pussy. To my surprize, she said stick it in there (meaning the bottle) and so I fucked her with the bottle. She told me that while she was around 18, she would take baths and see what she could stick or fit into her pussy. Meaning Shampoo bottles, Soda bottles, or even hairspray bottles ! I thought that was so great, becuase as guys we set around wondering "what the hell are they doing in there?"....oh yeah there sticking things in there pussy !

So here is some pics of her with a cucumber, a butternut squash (insert your own pun) and me shooting in her mouth. The darker blow job picture is when I sent her out to blow a co worker of hers. I try to keep it interesting.

Leo - No emails please.

Sex with Fruit

Sex with Fruit

Sex with Fruit


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