Honeymoon Pics

Honeymoon Pics

Hi truthordarepics,

Here are a few pics of my wife on our honeymoon 2 summers ago. Before the wedding I had a stag night where my best man was grinning away all night at some secret he had tucked up his sleeve. After a meal we were due to go clubbing but we stopped off at my best man's flat on the way for champange and, he announced when we all had a glass full, a stripper.

He put on some music and a very sexy girl in a nurse's uniform, complete with white stockings, came out of his bedroom. It took as a moment to realize that this girl was none other than MY bride-to-be!! She performed a complete strip-show to the stunned audience and myself as well while we all watched, our eyes wide so as not to miss a thing. Cameras, unfortunately, had been banned in advance (her condition), and now we knew why! Bit by bit her uniform came off, then her stockings, and at the end even her knickers.

She ended astride my lap, completely naked apart from her high heels, giving me a passionate kiss. It was the most erotic strip-show I have ever seen. To be honest my best man told me that there wasn't a single man amoung them who hadn't admired her before and wondered what she would look like naked. I was turned on and not sure what to think. My wife was naked giving everyone a strip show?! Then she disappeared back into my best man's bedroom and emerged a few minutes later properly dressed, wished us well for the evening, gave me a quick kiss and got a cab home.

Watching her walk down the aisle a few days later in full wedding dress, it was very hard to get this image out of my head. I have always wondered if there was more to my wife sexually, for this to have been thought of, arranged and performed. Our honeymoon was fantastic and we went at it like rabbits reliving the experience over and over. - from: Bride&Groom

Honeymoon Pics

Honeymoon Pics


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