Hot Nurse

Hot Nurse

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all listening and looking. I first have to explain that my eventual husband had both legs broken while on a motor bike age 21 and he spent six months in hospital with both legs wide open and held there with a metal bar. Obviously boredom and the Nurses got to him and he needed release one day and when it was quiet he started masturbating. This is he couldn't reach well enough and was not doing a great job. A nurse caught him and after a small rebuke returned to his bed drew the curtains and brought him off with her hands!

It only happend the once and he told me about six years later!!!!! Which happened to be last week. I DIDN'T believe him at all until I was while telling a friend who worked for the same hospital the tale. She told me she had known for years as it was her work mate who had done it, she had even pointed him out to my friend while he was still on the ward, what the nurse who wanked him off didn't know was my friend had known him since she was three. My friend said she kept a discreet distance while he was in there and if I hadn't brought it up it, she would never have told. Unbelieveable! Even though we were boyfriend/girlfriend at the time I still felt a little angry but nothing serious.

So, I decided that the best way to get even was to do something myself. No I didn't cheat on him but here's what I'm doing. I'm a Dental nurse and he still chases me when I dress in a nurses uniform, Men !!! We have a specific one we use for the bedroom as I don't want to dirty my regular one. We also happen to have some 'private' pictures of ourselves while playing 'nurse'. I am submitting them to you to be posted on the site for ALL to see. When you send me confirmation that it is up I will be emailing the link to my husband and Bcc'ing it to his best friend Brian, who has always teased me about how he likes my uniform too. Well Brian and everyone, I hope you like what you see. What will my husband think? I don't know ... but it can't be as bad as having another woman get him off now can it :).


P.S. This is probably going to shock him at first but then backfire on me and turn him on LOL. In any case it is fun and I'm happy you accomodated me.

Hot Nurse

Hot Nurse

Hot Nurse



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