Masterbating in the Park

Masterbating in the Park

Hi truthordarepics,

We've decided to tell you about my dare last summer. We went camping and while there had all kinds of crazy sex including in the woods and some flashing too. On one of the days I went to a small park area on the camp site where the have a pond and people can picnic and chill. BF was fishing and I don't really like that so I ended up there. Well, I was still horny (I frequently am) from our morning sex and decided to be a little bad girl and started masterbating discreetly. Just my hand over my shorts and very slowly. Well a woman wearing a tank top, bikini bottoms and sandals watched me from a park bench as she was talking to her husband. His back was to me but I know she could see me because she was able to face her male friend and see me at the same time. I got turned on even more at that point and I made sure she could see what I was doing. As she watched my rythm grow faster and my hand go deeper into my shorts, she looked away at first too embarrassed (not that I wsn't) and I was about to stop when she looked my way again and smiled a quick little smile. At this point I was about to cum. Then she must have told her friend to look at something to his left cause he looked in that direction and when he did she looked right at me, winked and blew me a sexy kiss. I blew my top right then and there. I felt like ,y juices were all over the place. My body was twitching and pulsating and I was trying to hide it but it wouldn't slow down. When I finally did stop I looked around and nobody save the woman seemed to notice. I had to walk right past the bench and her friend to get back to th tent. I looked down as I passed her but she watched all the way as I walked on. When I got back my BF was there and I told him all about it. He was hard instantly and asked to go back and see the woman but I was too embarrassed. It would have been weird. So instead he asked me to show him what I was was doing out there. I did but without clothes and I didn't realize that he took pics of me while I was masterbating for him until the end. I'm sure you can see that. Afterwards we had more sex but the rest of the trip was spent talking about that dare. - Melissa

Masterbating in the Park


So Embarrassed ... She Turns Red

*** An introvert. VERY shy and sensitive, easily embarrassed, this losing girl accepts bets for consequences she can barely tolerate psychologically. Her way of letting off steam.

What's happening?? ...

"She Lost - While playing she had second thoughts and desperately tried to win."

"I won - Not only did she pay up but I put her on display, AND played with her emotions, exposing her more."


Loser Must Masturbate for the Other 2 ...

Their First Time Playing Strip High Card ...

Loser has to Submit to 'Anything' the other wants ...


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