Mature MILF

Mature MILF


Here are some pictures that I took of a MILF that I am currently pleasuring. Though you would enjoy her asmuch as I do.

She loves to suck cock and have her pussy eaten after which we fuck. I can't get enough of her.

I met her on the internet at one of those dating sites. She was looking for an older man and, I guess, I qualified at 62.

When I went to her place to meet her she came to the door in a black teddy and I could tell right away that she was naked under it.

We exchanged pleasentries and then she kissed me. Talk about electric shocks. My hands were all over her and soon we were both naked. i fondled her beautiful breasts and sucked on the nipples but she was more interesed in me going down on her (a sport that I love). So I slid down and feasted on the prettiest pussy I had ever seen. Her juices flowed freely and she seemed to be enjoying what I was doing. Then I could feel her climax coming. She shuddered and pressed her pussy into my face begging me to go faster and harder. Then she came. A gigantic eruption that took my breath away.

Then it was my turn. She had me lay back on the couch as she knelt before me rubbing my cock. I have never seen it so hard. She caressed it ever so gently and then it was in her mouth. Now I am not a big man so she was able to put the whole thing in her mouth without any problem. How warm her mouth felt. After a few minutes of this I was getting ready to climax when she stopped and said, "Let's fuck" and promptly dropped to all fours with her gorgious ass in the air. Well, I didn't need to be hit on the head to accept that invitation. I mounted her and we went at it like two crazad animals. I could feel her building to a new climax so I held on so we could cum together. Then came the fireworks. She came which triggered my climax. I shot my cream into her again and again. I didn't think, at my age, that I had that much in me.

Afterwards we sat naked on the couch and enjoyed a glass of wine before I had to leave. I have visited her a number of times since that first encounter and each time is better than the one before. But that's another story.

Papa Jim - papajim69 @

Mature MILF

Mature MILF

Mature MILF

Mature MILF

Mature MILF

Mature MILF

Mature MILF



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