Nude Babaysitter

Nude Babaysitter

Hi webmaster,

I have been babysitting for this couple for a long time now. Recently I babysat while the wife was out of town. After the kids were asleep, I started watching TV. I began to get aroused by the late-night Girls Gone Wild TV ads. I started to take my clothes off and pleasure myself, but before I was finished, the husband came home.

He happened to be still holding his camera that he had taken out with him. To my surprise, instead of being upset, he began to snap pictures. (You can see I am trying my hardest to cover myself up). Eventually I gave up and began to pose for him. We took pictures for a while and then he began to undress. I took his big cock and began to give him a hand job. I then gave him a blow job. He reciprocated and began to eat me out. Then we started having sex. It was the best sex I have EVER had! When his wife came back into town, he told her about our sexual escapade. She got excited and asked if she could join in next time. I can't wait until I babysit for them again . . . -Naughty Babysitter - hotandkinky1000 @

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Nude Babaysitter

Nude Babaysitter


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