Nude in Public

Nude in Public

Hi webmaster,

We really like your site and are submitting a dare photo. It is of me at my boyfriend's uncle's cottage. He lets family use it when he's not there and we went up for a weekend and had some fun. I flashed a little and walked around topless at times but this was my most daring photo as I felt most vulnerable to being caught by the people who own the other cottages that were around ours. If someone did see me I'd have to pull up my shorts and shirt and can't do both at the same time LOL. I loved being naked outside and we did because of our daring moment a month before.

We went to a bar out in the countryside. We had been sitting at this picnic table for a while, and I was getting frisky. I reached over and unzipped my boyfriend and started playing with him. After a few minutes another couple came and sat at the table opposite us, but with only her facing us and her man facing the other way. I had kept his cock covered up to this point, but slowly I revealed more of it and started stroking it again. When the woman saw what I was doing she visibly jumped and looked embarrassed, she looked away but only for a few seconds. I got braver and braver and caught her looking more and more and eventually pumped him until he came into a napkin. As we got up to leave I noticed the shy smile she gave me, I gave a little wink back. My boyfriend had no idea he was being watched and was hard again just from knowing this. It sparked many fantasies in bed and lead us to do what we did at the cottage. Please don't leave an email address and email us upon receipt.


P.S. I wonder if the woman ever went back hoping for a repeat performance!



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