Outdoor Shower Girls

Outdoor Shower

Hi truthordarepics,

I am Donna and my 2 friends and I stayed at a hotel for free one weekend because one of their dads had it for business but didn't need it at the last minute so we got to use it! It was pretty cool. We tanned all day, ordered room service and went out drinking at night.

We have 3 pictures to submit and I hope that they qualify. In one picture it's just me in the outdoor shower area rinsing off. Then the next one is me rinsing off my pussy although you can't see it and then the next has me and my friend showing our butts. We think they are sexy and are the most daring I have ever taken t'ill now.

But wait ... On the second night we were in a bar and were getting hit on by these two guys who were best friends. After we drank about 5 bottles of different things bewteen the 5 of us, one of the guys and myself ended up on this couch making out. No one minded and actually they were all for it. I could just see out of the corner of my eye my friends smiling and laughing while watching me. Other people seemd not to care either as they walked by and smiled. It was fun and enjoyable. I got a rise knowing people were watching me. It turned me on even more and we kept making out ad touching each other. He cupped my boob several times and I had my hand over his crotch a few times. I have never done that before and it almost felt like wide open public sex. - D

Outdoor Shower

Outdoor Shower



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