Pleasing My Wife

Pleasing My Wife

Hi truthordarepics,

Ok, guys and gals of this site. First some background. I’m 32, she’s 39 and have been married for almost 5 years. Our marriage is rock solid, and our communication skills have been magnified many times over due to discussing sex and fantasies. Neither of us has any complaints and both feel our marriage is strong enough to handle anything that gets thrown at it. We brought another male into our bedroom a few months back that w found by advertising in online personals. The pics you see here are the same ones we used for her ad. When we met him for the first time it was mostly kissing, basically one hot make-out session with him doing the kissing while I was standing behind her rubbing her shoulders. Some unknown feelings popped up from me a few days later, and due to the stress it was causing on me, we called it quits. We discussed what caused these feelings, and found out they were my insecurities and how to work through them. So, after many, many discussions and reassurances, we decided to give it another shot with him.

We had another hot make out session with the three of us kissing (the guys didn't), and then I excused myself while she gave him a bit of tongue again. Everything’s fine. We’re planning and hoping to have a motel room this weekend for a full sex threesome, as this is my wife’s fantasy as it is mine. Here’s where the problems were rising.

During the first makeout session, in the beginning, I couldn’t see anything due to the darkness. She thought I could, so she didn’t change anything. That’s when I asked to join them, and then I was fine with everything. I didn't blame her for this because I knew it wasn't her fault because she could see me. So, for the second session, I kept drilling into her head, “I must see everything”. So, needless to say, even though I could see everything the second time and enjoyed it, she was paranoid the entire time that I couldn’t see and really couldn’t get into it. That made me feel bad.

Also, I was afraid that if I just sat and watched them having sex, and the guy went for hours, I’d feel left out just watching and jacking. We’ve tried searching and reading here for scenarios other couples had, etc for MFM, and found a few stories and emailed the couples who left an address. My wife had no problems whatsoever of me being involved and wanted me involved, but we just didn’t know how. I wanted to give them some “alone” time while I watched to just enjoy each other, but I wanted to be included too. If was watching, the only thing I can think of doing was to ask “Can I join in”, but to me, that felt like I was asking permission to sleep with my wife.

All of this required lots of talking between us and then after that ... more talking. That's pretty much the key. Those were my issues and hers were not wanting to feel like a 'loose' woman. We knew that it could be a wonderful, sexy experience if everything goes well and we also wanted everything to just flow naturally. So, after that we finally did it and here's how it went:

I was nervous as hell since I didn't truly know how I would react to seeing my wife having sex with someone other than me. We went to a strip club first with our new 'friend' to have a few drinks and get loosened up. After a couple of hours, I decided there's no other way to know other than seeing, so we went back to the motel. I started things off by undressing her to her bra and panties and then "turned" her over to him to finish while I got the jacuzzi ready. We spent quite a long time in the jacuzzi pleasing my wife orally and manually to several orgasms before moving things to the bed. We had prearranged when she was ready for me to leave them alone, so when the moment came, I gracefully, but nervously exited the bed.

To put it nicely, he had major PA (performance anxiety) issues, and we spent most of the time reassuring him it was ok. What was funny is that I've got ED, and I was consoling him about it. with patience and more foreplay from my wife he finally got hard enough to enter her and I got my first glance at seeing her with another man's dick inside her. I have to say that the feelings I thought I would feel, wasn't there. All thoughts of jealousy, insecurity, etc was replaced with the thoughts of "I hope she's enjoying herself", "I hope he's pleasing her" and "Damn, that's hot!". He quickly came, then it was my turn, but needless to say I didn't last much longer. We sat around chatting, taking turns pleasing her orally and I whispered and asked if she wanted Round 2. She did and he was able to get harder, with a help of my Viagra, and lasted a little longer. We finally called it quits as it was getting late.

So, my experience on that night was definitely a positive one. At no time did I feel "left out" and it was definitely a major turn-on to see her being pleased and pleasing. Will I do it again? Honestly, I'm not answering yet, but the possibility is definitely there. My only regrets are that we didn't last longer for her, but hopefully that will change later. I did make up for it this morning though. In regards to performance though she told both of us that the absolute hottest part of the experience for her was just having 2 men touch her body, was that her husband was watching her with another man and that 2 men were eating her out to mind-blowing orgasms. More penetration would have been fun and good she said, but it was a fantastic experience and that we were both studs. I also think that now that we are all more relaxed that we will have no trouble whatsoever next time.

- Keith & amp; Tricia P.S. She is nervous about what so many people will think of her pics. I suggested we leave an email but she said we get enough responses from our ad. Thanks for the site.

Pleasing My Wife

Pleasing My Wife



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