Pool Fun

Pool Fun

Hi truthordarepics,

As I'm sitting here on our bed typing this up naked (well almost naked, I've got socks on! Not very sexy I know) my boyfriend is taking my picture and soon I'll attach it to this email and send it off. We wanted to tell our daring story. Last year a roommate of mine was the pool manager for the college I attended and she invited my boyfriend and I to join her while she went to the pool to clean it, just because she didn't want to be bored by herself and wanted some company. Well, while we were there, my boyfriend and I dove in in our underwear and my friend just laughed and said, "oh you two!" . We had some fun swimming around and continued talking with her from in the water. As it happens we started flirting around in the water and before you knew it, his hands were secretly going under my panties and I started giggling. My friend saw and told us she could see us and that she wasn't blind. We laughed and she was clearly embarrassed but didn't say anything so he kept his hands down there and I was getting pretty turned on because someone was witnessing us. We kept talking and we found ourselves with his trunks down and my top and bottom pieces off. We were just bouncing around the edges of the pool, rubbing bodies, clearly wanting to screw but too scared in front of her. About five minutes after we had quit, two of the campus police showed up because my roommate forgot to call and let them know that he was going to be there, talk about a close call. I guess she wasn't foucus either LOL. It has been one of our hottest dares and my friend and I never really talk about it but we do in BED. - Kai



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