Skinny Dipping and Kissing

Skinny Dipping


My name is Gwen and I enjoy many aspects of sex in general and I dare say that what I really miss is kissing. I LOVE hot, steaming kisses especially beside water. Oceans, rivers, lakes it doesn't matter, I enjoy spending time with a loved one kissing beside water. In water is good too.

I am not sure why this is but I do think it stems from one of my first boyfriends and girlfriends and our families owning cottages on a lake. I remember spending two long summers with them (i'm bi) and some very hot nights too. Unfortunately, we were young and I wasn't ready for the whole gamut. I was with my boyfriend most of the time and went as far as second base. I was with a girlfriend maybe twice and all we did was kiss. I just liked the feel of someone else's lips around mine and hearing the calm water at night, the smell of the water and the sensations on my mouth.

Don't get me wrong I love sex too but there is just something about kissing a man or woman with passion that really drives me wild and I miss it. Every so often my parents will leave me the cottage and I'll either go up with my husband or with my friends if he has to work. With him I try to recreate those nights long ago but he doesn't always have the patience. With my girlfriends I don't do anything sexual anymore. But whomever I go with we are always skinny dipping and that is far enough for most people. I have included 3 pictures of me and friends skinny dipping at the cottage.

I just wanted to say that the stories are fantastic but I wanted to add how hot it could be just kissing.


Gwen - (no email please)

Skinny Dipping

Skinny Dipping


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