Sue Please Squeeze My Tits

Sue Please Squeeze My Tits

Hi truthordarepics,

My girfriend and I often dare each other and have said that someday we would post on the dare site, as part of my payment for losing a wager I have to post my dare here for all to read. The dare was to wear a tank top and go a party with a name tag on that said "hello my name is Sue, please squeeze my tits" I was to allow anyone who read the name tag to squeeze my breast as much and as often as they wanted too, at the end of the dare I was sore and topless.

It all started as a friendly bet, between two girls, we have done dares many times and help each other out, but this time it was different, the loser had to do a dare of the winners choice, and to post the dare here for all to read. I never dreamed Janet, my dearest girlfriend, would give me such a dare! I was to wear a mans x-large tank top, no bra and no pants or skirt, as the tank top was long enough to wear as a short sundress, I was allowed thong panties, glad for that at least. I was also to have a name tag on, the ones that said "hello my name is...

I was to put my name on it and the following, my name "Sue, please squeeze my tits!"

Janet and I were invited to a party and she decided that this would be a good place for the dare, I objected as I knew some people there, she insisted saying," the loser has to do the dare, no matter what!" she was right, so I put on the tank top and panties she put out for the dare, the tank top was the kind that the arm openings were xtra large, so the tank top did little to hid my breasts, and the panties were small silk thong, so once I was dressed I wasn't really dressed.

when I stood sideways and looked into the mirror I could see most of my breasts and was not sure about this. Janet again reminded me about my promise to do the dare. when we arrived at the party that was at her boyfriends apt. it was underway already, John met us at the door, (Janet's boyfriend) and kissed Janet and said hi to me, we know each other, and then he read my name tag, and laughed asking if it was for real, and Janet spoke up and said that I lost a bet and that tonight I was to do this dare as it was stated on the name tag.

He laughed some more and said guess I'll go first, and with that he reached out and grabbed both of my breasts at the same time and started to fondle them, I was embarrassed at first, and then seen Janet smile and said, leave some there for the others to feel.

He said this is going to liven up the party for sure. They both got a chuckle out of that and with that he said "come in and let me introduce you around " I knew then that it was going to get alot of feels and laughs real fast. I did get him to get me a drink first and drank it down rather fast, I am not used to allowing just anyone at any time do this. The drink didn't help at first but soon I could feel it working. John introduced me around and then told each person to read the name tag and follow the directions. The first few were ok as I didn't know them, they felt my breasts not real long as they were not sure either, but then I was introduced to a guy who I dated once and he read the sign and he really felt me up, with his buddies watching.

I never dreamed I would get excited about having this done while someone else watched, but I was getting really turned on. He took his time and really felt me out then turned to his buddy and said "follow the directions" and he did, he just took a short feel and was taunted by Jim saying is that all your going to feel her, let me show you how and he again started to feel me. needless to say it didn't take long before I was the talk of the party and every guy there was taking turns squeezing my breast, and then the unthinkable happen, Janet walked up to me and said hi my name is Janet, and then read the sign outloud and she reached out and started to squeeze my breast, I have never been touch by another girl like that before, she then announced that, everyone should read the sign and take advantage of the opportunity to squeeze some tit.

A few drinks later and many feels later Janet said that the tank top was not doing any good and hindering some of the quality time with my breast and that I should take it off, I didn't want to, and then she said it's part of the dare, I asked if I could go to the bathroom and take it off, she agreed and went with me to make sure it came off, once in the bathroom she made me put the name tag back on sticking it to my skin, and then grabbed me by the hand lead me out and got most everybodies attention, making an announcment that now it would be easier for everyone to enjoy the evening. and then pushed me in front of her, got alot of whistles and ohh's and the rest of the evening I can't remember how many times I got felt, I know that by the end of the evening my breast were red and tender, when it came time to go, funny no one could find my tank top, Janet made me ride home topless. the next morning I was sore from all the squeezing and feeling out I had gotten at the party, so much so I could not wear a bra they hurt so. I could not believe it, I had gotten so hot that I had to excuse my self a few times at the party and relieve my tension in the bathroom. I had a good time doing this dare and would do it again.

Sue - euserad @



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