Surprise For Girlfriend

Surprise For Girlfriend

Hi truth or dare pics people,

Yeah. My girlfriend and I have a great dare to tell. I got my girlfriend hot as hell one night when we were having sex. I blindfolded her on the bed and secretly opened the bedroom door where my buddy had been waiting for the prearranged show. I let him quietly sneak in and watch me straddle her while she blew me. Then I went inside her and as I did, I told her I was going to get my friend to double team her someday. I really poured on the dirty talk too telling her what the both of us would do to her and how his cock would feel inside her. Remember now that she was blindfolded and didn't know he was right there watching silently. She went wild saying out loud that she wanted him to fuck her so bad etc... and my friend enjoyed hearing that and watching the show.

I really wanted him to touch her and more but my friend didn't get to bang her that night, because I didn't tell my gf he was there and she won't go for a threesome yet. I've gotten her to wear sexy clothes minus bras when my friend is over, and I've told him in front of her how good she is in bed and how she swallows. She gets embarrassed and tells me to stop but admits later that she likes it.

Then, about a week ago while we were in bed again I told her what had happened while she was blindfolded. She was in the middle of being gently fingered by me and just stopped and sat upright like a spring. She looked at me for what seemed like hours but was only a few seconds trying to see if I was telling the truth. Then she realized I was and got mad and then quickly was ok with it. The first thing she asked was, "did he like my body?"

I laughed and said he was rock hard and then she said that I still should have told her. Then I continued fingering her and drew her attention to her now dripping dripping wet pussy. She started shaking and came so hard! I then put on a condom and started fucking her and asked her if she wanted him and she screamed "YES". So it may just be a matter of time before my friend gets some too. We are planning on the next step and what it should be but in the meantime we have sex daily ad talk about it. Here in the pictures is my gf using a vibrator on herself picturing my buddy. Awesome! I love this stuff. - Jake

Surprise For Girlfriend

Surprise For Girlfriend

Surprise For Girlfriend



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