Watching Others Have Sex

Watching Others Have Sex

Hi dare master,

Last Saturday night during a party I threw I walked into my bedroom to get something and found a couple of friends going at it on the floor. Hmm ok? They were so busy that they didn't even notice me. I stood there not sure what to do and yet they still had no idea I existed. So I have to admit that I ended up standing there quietly watching them for about 15 minutes and it was pretty hot. I saw pretty much everything and the whole time I thought they would see me at any moment but nope. There was lots of oral going on and I almost played with myself while they were going nuts but was too scared. Even though it wasn't an amazing show it was hot just being beside two naked people. Yeah, I'm a perv, but who can turn down a live show going on in your own bedroom?

I thought about that all of Sunday and realized I had some voyeur in me but who doesn't. I started looking for those types of stories online and found your site and read about 50 in one night LOL. The more I read, the more I thought I wanted to be one of those who were daring enough to be posted on it. So, I took the plunge and got a girlfriend of mine to take a picture of me which was more embarrassing than actually writing this up but I told her it was for this guy who is an occassional friend-with-benefits and she didn't care really. She's so laid back and that's why I choose her. Okay, I'm about to hit SEND now and my stomach just had a surge of butterflies so I better press it before I change my mind. - Bethany





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