Watching Friends

Watching Friends

Hi Everyone,

I & two of my oldest friends had been discussing sexual fantasies of late and have really opened up to each other and have been admitting some kinky dreams etc..

They are a couple now and am am single but we have always hung out for as long as I can remember. I was on the phone with them last night when I get the order "come over"...

I get there, not sure what to expect, expecting to see one person only, except when I hear "We're back here..." - in stereo! I walk to the back of the house to see both of them. Stark naked and playing with each other...

My jaw dropped as I watched them have sex. I had told them the night before that my fantasy had been to be able to watch a couple have sex from up close without having to hide. I got the idea pretty fast that they were allowing me to fulfill it. So I sat on the sofa and took it all in. They asked me to take pictures and to enjoy myself. I did just that! I got to watch them do everything and she even insisted I get closer at times to better see the action. It was like having my own porn in real life. I stayed dressed and after they were done I told them I needed to get home. They both laughed and I was embarrassed because we all knew why.

When I got back I checked my email and found 2 pictures that they sent me that I took. It got me hot all over again (not that I was cooled off yet) and brought me over the edge. I asked them if I could tell my story online and use their pictures and they gave me the ok as long as I also sent one of myself. That sounded like a dare to me so I went into my bathroom, stripped (ok , ok I was already nude LOL), clicked and uploaded it. I am sending you all three in this email and am off to bed now to .....

Needless to say, it was a wonderful evening... - Fiona

Watching Friends

Watching Friends



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