Watching Porn

Watching Porn

Hi Webmaster,

I sometimes would catch my bf on the computer jerking off to porn. I would peak on him and watch but it wouldn't last long as he knew I was around the house. So what I do now is announce that I will be taking a shower and doing my nails and my hair and a bunch of other things so he would know that I will be taking a long time in there, giving him plenty of time to relax and get into it. Sure enough the first time I tried this I snuck out of the bathroom naked leaving the cold water running and he was watching porn at the computer. I was peeking around the corner watching him and really getting turned-on. I feel like I am watching something private even though he is my boyfriend. I also like watching the porn. I feel like such a voyeur. After 15 minutes or so I go back in the shower, open up my lips and let the water hit my clit. I shivered to an orgasm right away from all of the foreplay. This site was one of the ones he was looking at. I found it by looking at his browsing history. I was hoping to send a more revealing picture but we don't have any except for this older vacation pic. Now I am hoping he surfs porn like usual and finds me on there. I'd love to see his face when I am sneaking up on him. Keep me posted! - Alice



"Clips from different sorority sister's houses and dorms across colleges."

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Dare Videos Dare Videos Dare Videos
Dare Videos Dare Videos Dare Videos

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