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Hi truhordarepics site,

Here is a picture of me walking around the house in nothing but my bikini bottoms which are often mistaken for panties. My husband loves to have me flash and show parts of my body wherever we go and I am getting into it as well. It took me some time though but now I just go with the flow and enjoy. This picture was taken yesterday morning and I didn't spend too much time like that because we have many neighbors who walk by constantly.

Hubby took it and wanted me to send it in to you. He found your site about a week ago and was showing me all the dares and saying, "we should do this one, and this one and this one!"

He also wanted me to tell you our recent hot story as part of the dare. I told you that he likes showing me off but we also talk about other men seeing me close-up and even touching me sometimes. That gets him really hot and I have gotten used to it as well. Hubby said if I get a good opportunity I should try and get a man to touch me. It must be discreet and at a time I am comfortable.

So about 6 months years ago I attended an annual business meeting. There were sales reps from all over the country. During one of the mass assemblies I stepped out and went into the stairwell for a breather. Another man was out there and we got to talking. He was just as bored as I was. He was average looking, but through his suit you could tell he had a great body.

I was thinking that this could be the guy for some strange reason. At that I started to get all nervous and I thought how the hell am I going to ask him to touch me? After going back in and out again for a break we got along well and were starting to flirt a bit but nothing serious. He seemed really nice and that was good for me. I told him I needed some help with something and he followed me out again. I told him about my husband and I and how we want a random guy to touch me a little and nothing else. He looked surprised at first, then asked if he could help me out. At this point my heart is pounding in my chest and I am almost sweating I was so nervous but I was determined to make it happen. Without saying a word, I took his hand and placed it inside my jacket and he slipped it inside my bra. I almost melted. We were somewhat hidden near a stairwell. people could see us from the distance but not what we were doing. He looked at me with a devilish grin and kept feeling my breasts.

He then surprised me and lifted my hair and turned me around. He bent me over the rail slightly and started to slide his hand down my skirt and felt off my ass. At this point I wanted nothing more than to have him take me there but I knew my husband and I had limits and I wasn't really ready for that anyway. He took his time feeling every inch of my ass twice over and then leaned into me like he was fucking me hard from behind. He brought his hand to my hip and began rubbing it. He whispered in my ear, asking if this was what I wanted. I could barely answer "Yes" because he was so good. Then he started to go inside the front of my skirt and I stopped him. He said sorry and I told him not to worry. That I liked it but this was my limit. He smiled and said it was the best non-sex he'd had in awhile. We both laughed and went our separate ways. Most likely to our hotel rooms. When i got there I phones hubby right away and told him every detail. He was shocked but hard as a rock and told me to get home soon so we could be together. We had phone sex for about an hour and the exhausted I went to sleep.

That's my hot dare story and we haven't done anything like it since except the usual flashing once in awhile. We like your site and hope to keep reading it for a long time.




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