Incy - Lost Bet

Incy - Lost Bet

Hi Webmaster,

Oh boy! So I lost a bet to my boyfriend and the bet was that the loser would have to do anything the winner wanted them to. It was a silly bet actually. We were both in the mall on the weekend, tired and looking for a certain shoe store as our last stop. We argued over which way it was as neither of us felt like walking anymore and both of us thought that we were right. So we made the bet and I lost! I was so sure of myself especially that it was a women's shoe store but in my defense I made a mistake in direction. I thought we were oriented another way. Damn mall!

Now he loves your site and wanted me to send in some naked pictures. No way! We fought alot and he said that a bet was a bet etc... So we compromised and I wouldn't have to show my face. I didn't tell him until after that it turned me on a bit because it also scared me knowing a million eyes would be looking at me. At least it feels safer without my face showing (oh and please don't post my last name and email!!! Very Important!!!! First name is ok.)

So he undressed me and took out a marker, explained why and started writing on my body. I couldn't see what it was he wrote right away but then when he was done I looked down and thought, "neat" . I know, weird huh?

He took a few pictures and told me to get dressed. Phew, it was over. Then he said, we're going in the car. Huh?? He drove me to his work (nobody was there on weekends) and with his key opened the door and told me to strip baby! I told him where? He said right here. "I want 2 quick pictures of you flashing out the window"

I protested and he reminded me of the bet, then said that there was nobody outside and if I acted quickly I could get them over with. So I stripped in record speed and he took 2 pictures while I stared out the window (shaking!) and then got dressed and we went home. On the way I noticed a bulge in his pants and played with him some. He did the same to me and we were both surprised to discover I was soaking. When we got home you can imagine what we did next LOL.

I had fun doing it but don't plan on making that bet again ... I think ?LOL - Incy

Awesome site BTW!

Incy - Lost Bet

Incy - Lost Bet

Incy - Lost Bet



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