Circle Suck

Circle Suck

Circle Suck - My wife and I got into mfm threesoms right after we were married. WE did them with my male friends so we were careful not to do anything really wild. We didn't want our friends to know just how perverted we really were. When we discovered a swinger club near us we were able to try some things that we didn't dare do with friends. Thur night at the club was singles night so there was always ten guys for every married couple. A lot of the wives liked the odds and some did gang bangs. My wife had her first gang bang with six guys and loved it. We became friends with another couple that did gang bangs and they taught us a lot. One Thurs there was just too many guys and only four married couples. Our new friends said that her and my wife would do a circle suck if the guys would line up. About 12 guys got their clothes off and stood around in a circle while the girls got on their knees and started going down the line to suck the guys off. The kept moving around until all of the guys had shot a load in their mouth. There was cum everywhere but the guys went home happy. This picture is of my wife hiding behind the curtain. - Mandor


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