My Hot Cousin

My Hot Cousin

My Hot Cousin - I have a cousin that I grew up with also. She's 6 yrs my jr. When we were young she would hang onto me and tell me I was her favorite. Fast forward to now, I'm late 20's, she's mid 20's. Even though we live in the same town, we rarely saw each other. T'ill recently. She's single again and about a month ago she called me to ask if I wanted to attend a cook out with her. I agreed and went with her. During the evening we talked about our current lives and seems she had a FB, but things weren't real good. We had a good evening and I drove her home, had a couple of beers with her on her deck. The sexual tension was getting pretty thick, and I, never having been in a relatinship with a relative before said goodnight and left. Since that night she and her FB have called it quits and she informed me she wanted to invite me to go on an overnight canoeing trip with her, but she felt I wouldn't go, so didn't. I told her I would love to go and next time to call me. I've decided "the closer the kin, the deeper in" is the way to go. I'll keep you informed. For now, this picture is of her, taken by her FB but she wanted me to have it so she emailed me. I told her it would be hot if it was somewhere online and she said, "do what you want with it." - John


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