Naked Beach

Naked Beach

Naked Beach - The best thing I did was to put in a pool. It has afforded me more opportunities for sex with my wife than I can even remember in the last three years than I had seen in my whole lifetime. Previously, during our 2 yr marriage, Lydia never would allow herself to get really wild. She had done so prior to us getting married a couple times but once that ring was put on her finger the cool crazy shit came to a screeching halt. We have a couple young kids ,as do most of our closest friends,so that fact can put a quick damper on wild times ,although we still manage to have some fun. I don't know where all this will eventually go,but the ride getting there is getting more and more fun. When some of us are together, especially when it's a small group of us, things tend to get better after all the kids are down for the night, drinks are flowing freely and the weather is right for those late night swims, although not much swimming ever gets done. Lydia has not of yet anyway, ever gone all the way nude with someone else, close I think a few times, but not there yet. She did go naked at a beach while on vacation and this picture is one of those wild moments. Hopefully, we'll get more of her naked. I just love warm weather and hot nights.. - Juan



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