Hot 69

Hot 69

Hey to the Readers,

My husband and I have been dare-devils for years! My thing is that I have always loved 69ing, especially sucking a woman pussy while she sucks mine. I can do this for hours and hubby can watch for even longer. I also can watch him do it with another woman while I touch myself (gives me shivers). But especially, I love sucking a woman's pussy. It is outrageous and 'sexciting' what I can do with my tongue and fingers to make a woman so pleasured and desired till she cums in buckets three, four five times, and then stick my fingers in her and still use my oral skills and make her cum again after we switch positions. This drives me to the brink and over the edge to cascading orgasms from pleasing her. We have 2 pictures to send you that are our most daring. We met a girl at a hotel bar who was interested in hubby at first but when he told her that I was his wife and that I was bi her eyes lit up knowing what we had in mind. After more drinks she came with us to the car and as soon as we got in I planted a big wet kiss on her and it just got better and better while in the car. Hubby drove around in circles while we made out in the back touching and feeling each other until some clothes came off. I then told her I wanted a 69 and she grinned. We found our way to the front seat, pulled it all the way back and I lay down with her getting on top of me. Then we drove around like that for an hour or more with me just eating and eating her (I am on the bottom). Hubby stopped a few tmes to take a picture but had to have the car light on to do so, so he didn't get many. It was amazing being in a 69 and passing cars without them knowing what we were doing. Hubby would stretch his arm out every once in awhile to feel her ass off. We eventually found our way home where we all got naked and I let hubby have a turn. He wasted no time and just opened her legs and fucked her hard making her cum quick. Then she ate me out some more until we were exhausted. I hope everyone reading likes our pictures and our story. We certainly enjoy this site. - Y&G

Hot 69



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