Naked At The Beach

Naked At The Beach

This Naked At The Beach picture was sent in by Jeremy.

In our one and only 3some. We had been at the island with our friend who was about to leave for home. He had been on assignment here for about a year.

We had decided to take him to the island for a picnic at the beach. Because we had had many good times at the beach throughout the summer. One thing lead to another and I dared the Mrs. to lose her bikini pose for some pictures. She agreed, but said Tom had go away ( he went real far about 50 feet, his shadow appeared in some of the shots!) In any case she let me take a few pics of her on the sand - see attatched. I egged her on and told her Tom had been asking to see her piercing since I told him about it. She said no way! after another wine cooler she must have changed her mind.

We had talked about Tom while having sex and I knew she thought he was hot. Hell, the guy ran 6 miles a day. I knew she fantasized about him. So as we walked on the beach I told Tom she wanted him. She kept saying, "Shut up!" as she blushed. I knew I had her and that I might just get to see a fantasy come true. So I suggested a trade. She could show Tom her pierced clit and he could give her a goodbye kiss. Not a lame kiss on the cheek, but the kind she had talked about when she told me she wanted him.

We were standing around the blanket and when out of no where she opened her beach wrap and dropped her bikini bottoms. It sent my heart racing to see her like this in the presence of another man. I figure it would be a quick flash, but she dropped her bottoms to her ankles then stepped out with one foot. She then flipped the bikini to the blanket. She stood there for what seemed like an eternity exposed to me, the great outdoors and of course Tom.

What happened next blew my mind. She told him he owed her a kiss, and he better come over and deliver.

As he neared her she asked, "Well do you like it?"

He replied, "It is beautiful!"

I would never have believed my wife would be standing with her shaved pussy exposed on a beach let alone with another man coming over to kiss her. As they kissed I watched his hand move toward her as he gently reach down and tickled her clit by touching her ring.

I think she was instantly wetter than I had ever seen her. Then I moved closer and Tom and I reomved her top. Each taking a nipple into our mouth. Her juices were running down her thigh as I tested to see for myself just how wet she was.

We then decide to move from the beach into the dunes for some more privacy, but that is as a famous newsman says, "The Rest of the Story"



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