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Ok, well I don't know how high this is on the daring scale, but recently I was blindfolded, had earplugs put on me, was tied, and then was completely molested. It was one of the most intense experiences I've ever had. Total powerlesness. I had just met "lynch" while searching for Doms to intoroduce a newbie like me to that world. After looking through several profiles we seemed to click and after exchanging many emails and one meeting in person I agreed to get tied up for him and let whatever happens happen. In total there were 3 people, Lynch, a man and a woman whom I never got to see. The woman warmed me up by eating me out non-stop. I knew it was a woman because I could feel her breasts rubbing against my tummy every time she came up to suckle mine. After countless orgasms I felt someone else get on me and a stiff dick going up inside me. He pounded away and I loved every second. I didn't care what he looked like cause at that point I was so horny. After many more orgasms I was spent and I felt Lynch untie me and they were gone. I thanked my Dom and he spanked me ever so gently on the behind before I left. When I got home I found this picture in my email with a note telling me to submit it to truthordarepics. Wicked idea and I love sharing it too! - Georgia


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