Double Dare

Double Dare in Public

This Double Dare picture was sent in by Kim.

"One time I had to get some ice after a nite out and was a little wasted. We were with another couple and were in our room when we all decided to have a nite cap. I was double dared to get the ice in the nude. nuff said, I took on the dare.

I took off down the hall and couldn't find the ice machine, so I returned to the room. My hubby called down to the desk to find out where the ice machine was. All ice machines were on even numbered floors. We were on the 9th floor.

At that point, I handed the ice bucket to my husband. He started to go, but the rest of the group reminded me of the double dare. Seeing I was the only one nude, I made a double double dare to our friends wife. Being wasted, she stripped down and we both took off to the elevator. The guys cheering us on. We were not wasted enough to make them do it because we knew they would be arrested if caught. Gals always have a better chance.

Anyway, Jean and I take off and get on the elevator and start to argue whether it is better to use the elevator or stairs. MEANWHILE, the elevator starts to move and goes up to another odd numbered floor. We did not notice and got off. Some guy gets on the elevator. Must have been blind. Never said a thing.

It was only then that we discovered that there was no ice machine on that floor. We also could not remember our own floor!!! Oh shit.the security guard got off the elevator and we couldn't remember our room numbers. As I said earlier, we were a little wasted. He was very nice and suggested we come with him downstairs to the lobby and he would get us some sheets.

Felling like dummies, we get off the elevator and follow him to housekeeping. The desk clerk had to wonder what was going on. Anyway, Jean and I got a sheet and tied them like a pario. By then, Jean's hubby came down to the lobby after seeing us being hauled off by security. He doubled up the stairs to see where we actually went for the ice.

Fun, but not exactly so fun at the time. Those dickhead husbands of ours could have been a little more supportive. Anyway, after a firm lecture by management, we were allowed to go to our rooms. After that we giggled like schoolgirls as we romved our sheets (see attatched pic of me)."




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