Esta in the Hot Tub

Esta in the Hot Tub


Ever since we had a hot tub installed, I had been dared by my husband to get in without clothes. This was easy enough, but became more difficult as he asked me to do it when someone else joined us. I always chickened out at the last minute, and then had to hear that I had no guts or any sense of adventure. This eventually convinced me to go for it.

The next time that we were joined by one of his friends, I new that this was my chance. This particular friend had an eye on me and would definitely not mind the view, so I knew that this was the best chance that I would get. We all got into the hot tub with our bathing suits on. To my surprise my husband did not ask me to do it naked this time, he probably thought that I would chicken out again. It was late at night and the lights were dim, but the friend did notice that I was wearing a G-string bottom. My husband got out and whilst refilling our drinks, his friend seized the opportunity to comment on me wearing a G-string. He said that he found it sexy, and that I should do it more often. I then knew that tonight would be the night.

As my husband got in and caused a distraction, I removed my top and placed it outside. Oh was my husband and his friend surprised when I lifted myself to take my drink, and exposed my breasts. They were both stunned for awile, and I had to break the ice again by asking if I was to be the only one to take something of. They both agreed to take their trunks off, but only if I would remove my G-string. So I stood up in full view, and took it off. They did not think that I would have done this, as once again they were stunned to silence. They however got up and did the same. The atmosphere was tense, but quickly calmed down again. I noticed that our friend could not keep his eyes off my breasts the whole time we sat there, and this seemed to excite my husband. When my husband got up again for another refill, I told his friend that I noticed him staring, and that I would not mind it he touched my breasts. He immediately did, and it seemed as if he was about to cum. When my husband returned, he took his hands of and just blushed. My husband then asked him if he enjoyed it. He just nodded. To everyone’s surprise my husband asked him why he stopped if he enjoyed it. He started playing again, only with more commitment this time. My husband joined in, and started playing with my pussy. The situation became overwhelming, and I felt like kissing his friend. I got up and sit in his lap, not thinking how hard he was. As I sat down he slipped right into me. Not to ruin the situation, I did not move and started kissing him. At this stage his friend’s penis started moving in and out of me. I couldn’t hide it from my husband any longer and joined in, moving up and down. My husband then started playing with my breasts. After his friend came inside me, I moved over, to my husband and started riding him hard. He came quickly because of all the excitement, but I knew that all of us were satisfied, and was I satisfied.

I wished that I had done it sooner, and can not wait to do it again. What could make more exciting next time though would be if this time it could be with a total stranger, or if there could be more men. – Esta

I would like it if you could place this, as I feel that I need to share this on your site that I enjoy so much. Please find pictures of me attached taken after this experience.

I would also like to get some feedback from other readers as to what they think and what there experiences were. Maybe they would like to forward me a dare or two.

E-mail address: estamr @

Could you let me know if and when it will be placed?


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Esta in the Hot Tub


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