Exhibitionist College Girl

Exhibitionist Girl

This Exhibitionist Girl was sent in by Sebrel.

"One of my hottest times was when my GF came home with a group of her friends, 3 other girls, late one night after being out having some drinks. We were a pretty close groups of friends and through a couple of nights of skinny dipping or hot tubs had been naked around each other. My GF woke me up and called all her friends in to see that I was sleeping in the nude.

They all came in laughing trying to pull the covers off me. One of my GFs best friends who was smoking hot and an insane horn dog from the stories I had heard started telling me to stroke it for them. I acted shy and was trying to play it cool but the thought of doing something like that got my cock started. My GF joined in with Michelle (her hot friend) about how I should put on a show. I knew my GF loved watching me stroke. The other two girls were both cute, ones BF was a friend of mine so I thought for a second that might make it weird but she seemed into it like everyone else. My Gf disappeared for a sec then came out with some lotion, letting everyone know this was my favorite lotion for masterbating with. that was probably the only embarrassing part of the evening. She ordered me to lay there and because of her stern voice and my horniness I did as I was told.

She pulled the sheet off and I was laying with my cock straight up for all to see. She squirted a bit on and and just said go. I slowly rolled my cock around with th elotion in my hand and felt my cock inflate to as big as it had ever been. It was quiet while they all moved around the bed to get better views, it was such a feeling of power knowing I was the center of attention, now I know what strippers must feel like. I started slowly squeezing my cock so they could see all the precum forming on my tip. I massaged it around and started pushing my hips up with each thrust.Michelle started right away into talking dirty, telling me to play with my big balls (which I did) and how she wanted to see me cum lots. Michelle was only a few feet away kneeling by the side of the bed, She mentioned how good it looked and my friends GF, suprised me when she said how hot it looks.. My cock ached from being so hard and I knew it would be a matter of seconds before I shot it, I started moaning and grunting which seemed to get everyone hotter. I could feel my cock stiffen as I shot a hot stream of pearly cum way up by my neck.

The girls all gasped and laughed which suprised me as I finished off spraying all over my chest and stomach. Michelle maoned with me about how good it looked, man I wanted to fuck her. It was funny as i laid there covered in cum and they all slowly walked out thanking me, except for michelle and my GF who hung around and that would lead to later pics of all of them (attatched). "




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