Exhibitionist Story


This Exhibitionist Story was sent in by Dan.

"My wife is a one time cummer.Period,point blank.Once she cums once,she is done.She has always said that it all gets to tender down there to keep on going.

We were fooling around the other saturday,actually it all started as we were cleaning the garage. Everytime we passed each other we would grab/touch,and or play with each other,which led to the both of us getting heated up and to start something nasty.

We were still in a little playfull mood,so I grabbed a belt and acted like I was going to tie her hands with it.I had never tried that before and at first she protested a little ,but then went along with it as a little fantasy time,I guessed.

I eventually got down between her legs and started eating her pussy,which she loves to be done to her.Normally after awhile of that as she is getting more and more turned on,she always tells me to stop and fuck her and I usually comply.

This time i didn't.I just picked up tempo and brought her ,still complaining for me to stop,through a very strong orgasm.I mean she was pulling on those belts and flopping around bigtime when she let go.

I let her subside a little from the climax,then through some really strong protests from her again started tonguing her clit again.Boy she was cutting up,saying stop dammit that hurts now,but she had puled on the belts until they were tight and all she could do was kick her legs around and try to get me to stop,which I didn't.

I held in there and kept my face buried and my tongue wagging as hard and fast as I could.In almost notime her continous protests stopped and she got on another wave as an orgasm built right up and she popped off again thrashing around and moaning heavily.This time I never backed off,but kept right on working on her clit and that orgasm lasted forever it seemed.She was getting weak at this point and didn't protest as I kept at it.She just got right back up in neverneverland as a third one started to build.

I timed it perfectly,and as she was just about to burst again,I quickly slid up and buried my dick in her as fast and as far as it would go.

That put her over the edge so far,I almost thought she had passed out.She just totally collapsed,motionless.I pumped her a little ,then concentrated on it and came myself.

I pulled out of her, untied her very red wrists and she laid there and and just look over my shoulder...... DAMN! We left the garage door open and she knew it! She was cumming and cumming from the idea that we could be caught and were in plain view of anyone walking by!

After she awoke, and came into where I was, she walked up to me and hit me on the shoulder and said damn,I have never been through something like that in my whole life.That was incredible,but at the same time it all most hurt I came so hard.Right now,I still don't have my legs back yet. She admitted then,that was the first and only time in her life she had multiorgasms. I just grinned and said well,see what you have been missing?Maybe from here on out you won't be so quick to pull me up when I am busy down there. She said "Damn straight, and next time we'll close the garage door so that half the block doesn't see us" ... I froze! ...she said "yup, at least a dozen people saw us and just walked by and/or stopped to look inside for a bit" ..... "




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