My First Nude Pic

My First Nude Pic

Hi truthordarepics,

I love my bf very much and I know he loves me especially by the way he treats me. We're very open with each other and talk about almost everything. Including porn ... I've talked about watching it together with him before, though we haven't done so yet. I don't know what he's waiting for but we do have a great sex life.

Okay, now with that preface, today in searching on his computer (which is only his, no one else uses it), in his Google history list among "Latina sex", "sexy women", (other dirty female anatomical porn terminology, ; ) ) was lo and behold, "squirting". I have seen porno searches on his computer before and though it disturbs me its never involved so many different sites of porn before. I don't know what to think, buuut...

And now the kicker: although I'm disturbed when I saw it on his computer, I'm really just being a hypocrite because I too watch porn on my own time. Normally I like the sweet stuff --"love making"--but I have watched lesbian porn too. I know I'm not a lesbian in that I don't have even the most remote desire to actually touch another woman in that way. I guess it just seems so dirty and wrong that makes it's insanely good? I've even, very unfortunately witnessed my friends having sex with their boyfriends. I mean that's weird isn't it? If I had left that story on my computer I'm sure he'd be alarmed too, don't ya think?

I guess I'm just blabbing and worried for nothing cause when I think about it it realy does seem fine. What disturbs me is that he's not sharing his sex life with me. Maybe he thinks I'll be freaked out like some women are. Sooo, this picture is for your site having just been taken. I'm going to have a friend send it to him (the link) and surprise him and make him look at me instead. It's the first time I put a picture of myself online. So hopefully then he'll get the messge that I want to watch porn with him too. Thanks Webmaster - Dahlia



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