Wife's First Time Pics


Hi truthordarepics,


The first photograph I took was on a holiday in Tenerief while she was asleep lying on top of the bed I seperated her legs slightly exposing her lips, I did not tell Cal and she sent them off to be developed. I could not wait for them to come back. I told her a couple of days after but she did not believe me but there was nothing she could do as they were on film. The suprise on her face when she started to look through them and found that one.

She kept looking at the picture and laughing then she started to get hot, what a session. since then we have visited nudist beaches and coves and had some good times. We were sat in the garden a few weeks ago and I told her I would put a pic on the web one of these days She said that I would not do it. As I got up to go for a drink she pulled me over and rammed her hand down my shorts. She pulled them off and gave me a great blowjob, to which I responded by pulling her clothes off and giving her one. Boy I'm glad the neighbours were out at least I think they were.

She then said that I diden't have the bottle to do it and I knew that it was that thought that exited her. So there you are she dared me. I cant wait for the response when I show her her pics on your site.

Alan - nick10 @ aussiemail.com.au



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