Girls Kissing

Girls Kissing

This Girls Kissing picture was sent in by Amanda.

I was dating a new guy and as it tends to do with me somehow, the conversation turned to "what have you done/what haven't you done/what wouldn't you do?" I'd always maintained that it wasn't that I wouldn't kiss another woman, I just had never met one I wanted to lock lips with.

A few nights later we went out to dinner with a friend of his and his girlfriend and midway through the entree, someone thought it would be a good idea for the girls to do goldschlager shots! I'm not a huge drinker, and when I do, usually I stick to beer, so two shots into it and my defenses were WAY down.

Strangely enough, the conversation turns to whether or not Kim has ever kissed another woman. I said once again that I would if I found the right woman, but she just hadn't presented herself yet. Knowing glances were exchanged, but I was none the wiser.

When we got back to my date's apartment, more drinks were to be had and the conversation once again turns to women kissing women! It does not occur to me at all that I'm being set up...but then again, why would it.

Another drink later and I had my nerve up...I got up, said it was time to go to bed and leaned over to say good night. Instead of a kiss on the cheek, I planted one straight on her lips...and then RAN for the bedroom! What had I done!? I'd probably just mortified this poor girl!

The guy I was dating ran after me and told me that her last boyfriend was actually her girlfriend, and that she wasn't mad at all that I kissed her. She actually wanted me to come back! What? She's done this before? And she wanted to do it again?

I was too shy at the time to do more, but I did wander back out to the living room. I sat down next to her, she reached around from behind me and gave me a kiss. Then I turned around to face her and gave her another kiss, this time a deep and long one. My heart was beating so hard I thought it would burst! This was scary and exciting and erotic! I let my hand slide down from her neck toward her breast...waiting for her to stop me. But she didn't. So there I was, tongue to tongue with a gorgeous girl, hand around her breast, thumb brushing up against her nipple.

And then I freaked out! And ran back to the bedroom and wouldn't come out! Oh, if I had known what the night could have been like had I stayed, and that there would be no retribution, I might have hung around. But you never know that sort of stuff ahead of time. The guys had taken a picture of us while we were kissing...a big clue telling me they set me up and were ready for this. Here is one of them at my date's insistence.


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