Horny Wife

Horny Wife

Hi Readers,

I read another post about a wife who is pregnant and has a SUPER hyper sex drive now that she's at like six months and got over feeling sick and all. Well, my wife is at 6 weeks only and is starting to get the same symptoms! I can't be around 24/7 (she stopped working three weeks ago as she works in a clinic and is bored at home so it leads to this) so she masturbates a LOT more. She did it in the past, but now MAN ....there would be nights or early mornings I would be woken up by the bed moving from her masturbating. So I thought of a new trick. When this all started, I thought about all the great action I was missing, so I set up a camera in the bed room with a six hour tape each day. Well I must have caught her a dozen times using her hands, her toys and even objects and MAN it was a REAL turn on. One night last week she caught me watching one (I thought she was asleep) Well after being mad for about two minutes she was mesmorized by the tape and we ended up have some really great sex. I love watching women masturbate anyway and this was just the topper. Anyone out there who thinks having sex or taping a women is wierd or wrong ...TRUST me the sex is GREAT! Plus only we get to view it so just wanted to pass that along to you all. I told her I saw this site where she could send in pictures of herself and that I would love for her to be seen by many. After the camera experience and getting turned on seeing herself on tape she got all giggly and we proceeded to take a bunch of pictures. These ones are among the best and the only ones to hide her face somewhat so that's all she is permitting me to send. We are excited to see them posted. Thanks - Jeremy

Horny Wife



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