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Hi truth or dare pics,

My name is Karina and my boyfriend and I decided to send you some pictures of me when we went to a hotel room for a naughty night of fun. We spent the day out at the pool and then ate a nice dinner and then the hotel for the rest of the night. I've attatched them to this email and want to say a few things to your readers if I may. We have running ads in online personals sites looking for guys to come and take pictures and perhaps join in if I feel comfortable. Many of the guy's ads read that they are well hung and can go all night etc. Let me tell you that that doesn't matter to many women out there. My boyfriend is a bit below average size but I like what's attatched better. I'm more attracted and turned on by what's attatched to it too. He makes me wet, spends alot of time on oral and makes me cum over and over until I can't atke it. Then he fingers me and caresses my breasts at the same time putting me in heaven. Then he fucks me and lasts a few minutes like many guys I've been with, makes me cum some more and then I'm spent. I don't need a HUGE cock. I don't want one if the guy thinks he's special because of it. Since meeting Jason I've never cum more with a man, never been so wet and he was the smallest guy size-wise. We don't care about that so much. Yes if you're 1 inch it can be a problem but even then you have other skills. Most of the guys who have responded have boasted about their size or performance and that's a turn off right there. Then there are those who say they are not big and 'do I mind'? Again I am not turned on by a penis. I love cock (hehe) but you must be a respectful fun guy for me to want to do anything with you. Show me (and other women) that side of you.

That being said we hope to get a guy soon to take pictures while we have sex and maybe give me a massage. He can touch my boobs and ass to start but that's it for the first meeting. I will also make him cum for his efforts (and my enjoyment) and then we'll see how it was for Jason and I and maybe do some more. He wants me to be with a woman too which is ok with me but I like cock better. In the meantime I give kudos to all those who have submitted dares for us to read and hope our contribution will be enjoyed as well. - K & J









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