My Hot Encounter

My Hot Encounter

Hi truth or dare pics,

2 weeks ago I was at home and had been chatting online were singles can get to know each other online and meet off line for dating, (or more), you name it. I had this fantasy that I would love to live out as I am so into being watched while I make love, or play with with myself. My boyfriend was all for it and even told me it excited him to know what I'd be doing soon. See we both granted each other one sexual wish. His was to have 2 women at once and he did it at a friend's bachelor party a few months back. Mine was what I had said and I was going to do it soon! I ended up speaking to a nice guy, who we will call "Dave". I explained to Dave that I had a hot fantasy that I wanted to fufill which involved having a total and complete stranger meet with me and having first made a stop at the local toy store, have them bring a hot toy to of their choice for me to break in for them and try while they watched me use it. I told him I had a boyfriend and that this was just sex.

Dave was looking for hot intimate encounters, so he was totally agreeable to joining me. I told him I would be renting a hotel the next night and would give him the room number then by email. I was soooo excited! I threw my boyfriedn down on the bed and told him that in 24 hours a strange man would be watching me play with myself so get a nice hotel room booked soon. He did and we got there early in the afternoon and had some fun in it before I emailed Dave. We ordered room service, watched movies and I had him take pictures of me in my way-to-dressed-up outfit (it was fun for me though to dress like that - I kept the stockings on the whole time).

The time came and my boyfriend went down to the lobby and waited. Then I heard a knock at the door and got so nervous. He arrived with a neon purple g spot vibrator from the look-fuck shop complete with new batteries and a small container of lube. I was so excited to try my new toy and I had been rubbing myself before he got there, so I really did not need the lube, but I decided to try it for added sensation.

He told me I looked great and I asked him if he was ready to watc me do my thing and he told me to go for it with a big smile on his face. He took a chair and sat down on it beside the bed and I sprawled out on the bed and pulled the little dress off that I was wearing up to reveal my lacy Victori's secret thong, bra and stockings. He just whistled and asked if he could sit on the bed beside me to which I said yes. I watched as he sat on the bed side and began to massage his penis through his pants as I slipped my bra off and began to play with my nipples. My nipples were hard from the anticipation and I could feel my pussy getting warmer as I teased my nipples and ran my fingers over them, pinching and rubbing a little across the hard little nubs. That was unreal. It felt like I was in a dream! My boyfriend downstairs and me on a bed with a strange man rubbing my boobs! I loved it!

I slid my panties down over my legs and spread them so Dave could get a glimspse of my shaved mound. I ran my hand down along my thighs t'ill I found my clit and began to rub it softly, feeling it harden under my fingers. I reached for my new toy and after applying a small amount of lube, I began rubbing my clit feeling the toy vibe on it's lowest setting, really loving the sensation as it purred on my clit. I felt my pussy begin to drip as I vibed my clit and I began to work it down, holding Dave's gaze as I sliped the buzzing, purple toy in between my moistened, waiting lips. Dave undid his pants and pulled from them his hot throbbing member, which he began to stroke and rub as I began to work my pussy with my new toy. I worked the toy in and out, feeling it rub my g-spot, tingling all over it as I continued to rub my tits and began bucking my hips against the vibrator, really feeling the sesation as it was taking me. I told Dave to come and sit closer to me on the bed and I told him to suck on my nipples. I loved having them sucked while I was playing with my toy, it maked me cum instantly. I the thought about my boyfriend and thinking that he didn't know there would be contact with Dave but then figured that he had A LOT of contact with his fantasy so I was ok.

I began to turn the speed up on the toy, vibing my pussy harder and faster as Dave was gently nibbling my boobs and pleasing himself as well. He would moan in my ear how badly he wanted me to cum all over that toy and I was really going at it with my pussy feeling good now. After hearing that I was screaming with pleasure, and I am not a quiet girl by any means. I started calling his name real loud and told him how I loved his toy as I kept eye contact and that turned me on to no end. I was pumping my toy faster and faster, feeling Dave's tongue on my boobs, feeling my cunt throb and feeling the sensation building and building until, I came HARD all over that hot toy, spasming almost for a minute afterwards. Dave continued to suck my nipples as I continued to ram the toy into my pussy, feeling my cunt tighten around it as I pumped my cum all over it. (Sorry for the language here but that's how I was feeling in that moment).

Dave was completely excited and began to pump his cock hard, really teasing the head and balls until he twitched and groaned and then positioned himself over me as he came all over my boobs.

When it was over, I wiped his cum from boobs, sucked my cunt juice off my new toy for Dave to watch, and then he was on his way as agreed.

My boyfriend saw him leave and came up in a hurry. He saw me on the bed with my boobs full of cum and his jaw dropped. I laughed and told him I needed his purple toy now and then as I mounted him told him all about it. We both came quickly and that was it. I hope you guys like my pictures of me before Dave came by. I had a great time and hope that many of you experience something similar. - Nancy

My Hot Encounter

My Hot Encounter

My Hot Encounter



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