My Lesbian Experience

My Lesbian Experience

Hi truthordarepics,

My fiancee took this picture of me to submit to your site. If you look carefully you can see a bit of him in there although I know most people won't be looking at his elbow LOL. I wanted to tell you (well more like "we" wanted to tell you) about my first lesbian experience - sort of. There is a girl who is a co-worker of my fiancee who has hinted to him many tmes at parties and socia events that she thinks I'm cute. It's hard to read her sometimes but he believed that she was attracted to me and pushed for me to be a little flirty with her. She knew that I ride my bike about 15 miles every evening and that my route passed by her place and told me to stop by sometime. Again that wasn't a clear invitation but I thought that i'd chance it just to see. One night while riding I got really thirsty so I stopped by her apartment for some water. She came outside and we were talking when I don't know how but we started taking the tour of the building. She kept complimenting me on being in shape and how my biking shorts looked good on me. Right the I knew she was flirting and that I could probably kiss her. I was scared to death but remembered how hot it is talking about this with my fiancee and so when she was looking at me I leaned in to her. She responded with one of the hottest kisses I had ever received. She then took my hand and led me to the electric meter room in her apartment building. When we stepped inside she pulled up my shirt and started to fondle me. It felt really really nice and I was breathing heavily and laughing. She asked me why and I told her it was just nerves. She then sucked on my nipples and I finally put my hands on her body. I kissed her again and we both slipped our hands inside each other's shorts and gently rubbed each other to orgasm. Then I started laughing uncontrollably and told her my nerves again were getting the better of me. She understood and asked if I would tell my fiancee. I told her I would and that he was ok with it. She blushed saying she'd have a hard time facing him at work. I then left (we were both really not sure what to do or say at that moment), went home, pulled my clothes off and pushed my fiancee on the bed, told him all about it and rode him while I did. It was GOOD! It's been a few days and she acts shy around me. I think we're both embarrassed but maybe it could happen again sometime. I really enjoyed myself. I also enjoy reading the dares and get just as excited sometimes. I love it! - Carla



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