I am writing you about a little something that occurred a couple of years ago around Christmas time. My boyfriend Peter (who works in sales) was having an office Christmas party, (which are usually pretty boring). This year was no different. After the dinner some drinks and the presentation of the year end bonus checks, we decided to call it a night, or so we thought. Peter was a little upset at his boss (whom we’ll call Carl) about his bonus, (it wasn’t as big as he expected) and kept telling me that he was going to give him a piece of his mind. As we were waiting to get the car from the valet, who walks out, but his boss with his date. Carl is about 20 years older than me but I have always found him so attractive. He is the complete opposite of Peter my boyfriend (who is 5’9” and slender). Carl is about 6’2” with broad shoulders, tan with blue eyes he reminds me of a darker younger Sean Connery. His date was your typical arm candy type, tall slender blonde with big fake boobs and a snooty personality. Peter (having had a few too many drinks) decided to confront Carl about his bonus. Carl apologized about the amount, and explained that he had nothing to do with the size of his bonus, as a consolation he invited us to his house for a nightcap. We agreed, and followed him to his house.

Once we got there we started doing Patron shots and were getting pretty wasted. His date after a few shots, decided that she wasn’t getting enough attention and went home, leaving me alone with Peter and Carl. After a few more drinks I suggested that we should spice things up by playing truth or dare. The first dares were pretty timid, but after about 7 or 8 shots it was my turn and I decided to dare Carl into jumping into his pool. He didn’t hesitate to strip down to his boxers and jump right in. I was transfixed on Carl’s hot body and didn’t notice that Peter had also stripped to his boxers and jumped in. At this point I decided to join them and stripped down to my panties and bra, but when I touched the water I realized the pool was not heated. Carl then suggested that we should all get into his Jacuzzi tub inside. I quickly agreed and ran inside to fill up the tub. I found some bubbles and candles and got the tub ready. I was so horney at the thought of being in the tub with my boyfriends hot boss that I didn’t think twice about stripping naked and getting in the tub. A couple of minutes later Carl came in and I told him that if we were going to be bathing together, boxers were out of the question.

He quickly dropped trou exposing a huge penis and got into the tub with me. Moments later Peter walked in with more shots. His jaw dropped when he saw Carl and I butt naked in the tub feeling each other out. I asked Peter to join us at which point he took off his boxers, but instead of getting in he went to the other room and got my camera out of my purse. He snapped what seemed like 100’s of pictures of boss was having his way with me. After much coaxing Peter finally joined in on the fun, letting me suck his dick while Carl did me doggie style. I came over and over again, with a force I had never felt in my life. We cleaned up and called a cab to take us home. On the way home Peter confessed to me how humiliated but at the same time turned on it made him to see his boss fucking his girlfriend., so when I found your site I decided to submit our story (along with some pics of that night). Peter no longer works for Carl, but we still get turned on whenever we remember that night. - Lizette





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