Nude Nature Dare

Nude Nature Dare

Hi webmaster,

My husband asked me for one thing on his birthday and that was to get naked for him in public. I have never done it and was always to afraid but since it was his birthday and we have been together 10 years and it was the only thing he askd for I decided to nervously say yes.

I picked the place and time. We have a large park only 30 minutes drive from our house where people hike and camp and enjoy nature. Well, that was where I felt most comfortable where we could isolate ourselves. Hubby was fine with it as long as I did it. You should have seen him. He was like a kid on Christmas with his camera and his expectant look on his face.

We found a nice area by a stream and I told him to let me take my time. He was read and just waited while I got comfortable and then started to strip. Soon I was naked and headed for the water which surprised him! He didn't expect that. I went out to a rock ad posed for him a bit which he loved. He kept telling me how sexy this all was and I admit I was really enjoying myself. Feeling the sun and wind on my entire body and being out in the open is exhilirating. I went down on all fours on a rock close to the shore and just enjoyed myself. I looked over and hubby had put he camera down and was stroking himself. That turned me on too. Seeing him see me, having the possibility that people may pass by on some of the nearer trails and see me completely exposed ... it was a rush. I loved being there. I stayed like that for 15 minutes just taking it all in getting wetter every minute I was out there. I would have swam but the ater was too cold. Next time.

I got to the shore and we had sex on the grass which was a first for me also. It was a great birthday present hubby said and a blast for me. I hope you all enjoy watching me too! - Helen

Nude Nature Dare

Nude Nature Dare

Nude Nature Dare

Nude Nature Dare

Nude Nature Dare

Nude Nature Dare


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