One Night Stand

One Night Stand

Hi truthordarepics,

My boyfriend wanted me to tell you about the only other guy I'd been with before we met. We'd been together for 6 years now and he was my first relationship. We broke up about 2 years ago and then got back together after about 3 weeks. During that break we each had one sexual experience and mine was a one night stand. When we first learned of each other's 'fun' we were both jealous but now we regularly use them in our bedroom talk. So here's mine:

I Worked with this guy and always thought he was really hot. I Would joke around with him and flirt when ever I could but did not think he was interested. one night we all went out after work for drinks and we ended up going back to his place. I was so EXCITED and was ready for an all nighter, and it lasted about 5 minutes and was boring. Was very disappointed!!!! He got naked and stripped me and then after some kissing and stroking each other he passed out. Too much drinking!! Well, I was hot and ready so I got on top of him (he was passed out on the bed on his stomach) like I was riding a horse (his butt) and just fingered myself to a big "O" . Still disappointing but my boyfriend enjoys hearing it. Hope you liked the story and the picture he took as well. - Kate



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