Posing Nude

Posing Nude

This Posing Nude picture was sent in by Bro.

"I have an adopted sister who is just a few years younger than me (she is 23, I am 26). She came to town a few years ago to visit me for my 23rd birthday. The plan was for my roomate (and best friend from highschool), myself, my sister, and my friend Julie to go drinking at a local bar. Drinking maybe isn't accurate...we were going for "beat the clock", which offered tall shots of jagermeister starting at a quarter, and then proceeding upwards in 25 cent increments every 15 minutes. Needless to say, about 30 minutes in we were shitfaced and decided to catch a cab home to more comfortable environs.

When we got home, Julie lay down on the couch and my roomate, my sister, and I were talking over a beer in the kitchen. I explained to my sister that Julie and I were just friends, that she had a boyfriend (an abusive little frat punk), and that she had always deflected my advances to that point, saying maybe later if she and her boyfriend break up (which never seemed likely). After finishing our beers, we went out to the living room whereJulie had apparently caught her second wind, and was dancing to Oakenfold while our system of strobe lights and lasers made the house look like a night club. My roomate and I decided to dance, but my sister made us sit on the couch. She then proceeded to dance with Julie, first in a normal, friends in the club kind of way. Soon, however, it turned into more of a "lesbians in the club" kind of affair, with plenty of groping, grinding, and kissing.

At one point, Julies shirt comes off (she has huge D breasts, no sag, no bra), and my sister turns Julie to face me, fondling Julie's breasts from behind. She whispers to Julie, just loud enough for us to hear, "You want to fuck my brother, don't you?". Julie just moaned and nodded slightly. My sister then slipped a hand down into Julie's jeans, and said "You are soaked. Tell my brother you want to fuck him." Julie looked straight at me and says "Please fuck me." Well, I needed no invitation, and 30 seconds later she and I are going at it like bunnies. She was in fact soaked, and frankly, I am surprised she was able to feel me at all, but we managed to get through two or three orgasm filled hours before passing out. My roomate was busy snapping shots of my naked sister while we were having our "fun" ..."






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