Sexual Truth or Dare

Sexual Truth or Dare


So I had a BBQ at my house and about 30 people all around 18-20 showed up. It was a good time we were doing a little drinking and what not. Well my girlfriend in this picture here was getting a bit tipsy and her best friend told me I should do something to embarrass her. So her friend took the camera and I moved into position at least 20 people saw this pantsing. Well after that happened people laughed and it was over she wasn't even embarrassed. Well I decided when it got dark to start pantsing as many people as I could. There was only 8 of us left me and one other guy and the rest chicks. Well my gf's best friend wanted to really get back at my gf for something she did the other day while they were hanging out something about convincing her to go commando to the mall and then yanking her skirt down. Wish I was there for that.

So I decided I was going to have everyone see her completely naked. She was really drunk and we were all really good friends so I figured it was ok to do this. I suggest we play T or D. No one argued in fact everyone thought it was a pretty good idea. Well I started and asked my gf she automatically picks truth like always no idea what I asked. She then asked her best friend and her friend to my surprise chose dare off the bat. Well her friend is usually really really shy but she was just tipsy enough to take the dare. My gf dared her to masturbate for all of us. She did no questions asked.

After a bit and some ok dares and some funny ones things started going more to sexual T or D than anything. I was dared to lay down in the middle of my backyard naked for 5 mins and let everyone do whatever they want. I had so much stuff in my ass but its ok it made me so horny. I finally got to ask my girlfriend again and she chose dare which she has played with me for almost a year now so she knows its going to be good. House rules state if you chicken out on a dare then you have to give someone in the group at random selection oral pleasure for 5 mins. Well I was sitting there thinking looking at my drunk gf and realizing how easy it would be. I dared her since it was dark to choose one other person who had to do the dare with her. She chose her best friend who I will now call A. Well my dare wasn't original it just worked. I dared them both to get completely naked and walk around my entire neighboorhood.

They discussed it for almost ten minutes and decided they would do it on one condition. I was scared cause i knew they were just going to perform their punishment on each other if they didn't do it so I very timidly asked what the condition was. Their condition in order for them to do it was that if they did it I had to let them wax my crotch and asshole. I thought about it and realized they had to make it the whole way around which is about a forty five minute walk. They got back in like an hour and were just giggling like there was no tomorrow. I guess they were walking down the road and there was this other girl they knew walking around being bored she lived by me. This is long enough I will have more pics and more stories coming soon.

My name is Larry and feel free to email me at emosux104 @

I don't have a webcam at the moment but am trying to get one so I can play some online games with people if your interested let me know.


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