Sex With Friends

Sex With Friends

This Sex With Friends picture was sent in by Harry.

One time my wife and I were camping (see picture attatched) with a bunch of friends, partying and having a good time. Well it was getting late and one of the other couples we were with had gone to bed. So that left my wife and I, one of her girlfriends, and two of my buddies still up. My wife and I were standing on one side of the fire and the other three were sitting across the fire on the picnic table about 8 feet from us. It was getting cool out so I was hugging my wife trying to stay warm. I was hugging her from behind and was pressing my hard cock up against her ass as I was feeling horny and wanted to go to bed and fuck. At first she did not respond. We both just kept talking to our friends but after a little while she started to push back. Very lightly at first. In fact I was not quite sure if she was being intentional or if she was just drunk and swaying a bit. She soon started to push back a little harder and I knew it was not an accident. I had my arms around her waist and would periodically pull her tight against my cock and she would push her ass back against my cock at the same time. We were trying to be discreet but as time went on I am sure that the others could clearly see that we were having a little fun. We were all pretty drunk and kept right on drinking and as will typically happen under such conditions, we all get a little more courage.


My wife had on a t-shirt and a jean jacket. So pretending to have cold hands I tucked them inside her jean jacket. All part of a strategic plan to see how far she would let me go. I was trying to be subtle and not draw too much attention from our friends. I slowly worked my right hand up under her left tit (my wife is 5'7" by the way, brown hair, 36C, and a hot little round ass) just cupping the bottom of her tit, she did not do anything. so I got a little braver and moved my hand up until I had her full tit in my hand. I spent a little while playing with her hard nipple through her shirt and she continued to push and grind her ass into my now raging hardon to let me know she was enjoying our little game. After a little while she turned around and hugged me and whispered that she had to go pee but would be right back. Damn and I was having so much fun. She walked away and I turned to go get us a few more drinks so that I could hide the buldge in the front of my pants and adjust myself. When she came back we got back into our position of me hugging her from behind and I slowly crept my hand back up to her tit. Surprised to feel her big hard nipple poking through her shirt. She had removed her bra when she had went for a piss and now I could really play with her nipple.. Oh this was so much fun. All the time we are chatting with our friends across the fire trying not to miss a beat. The difficulty was of course that the longer we play our little game the more the two of us became increasingly turned on, making regular conversation more difficult. My wife is generally a shy person so I was surprised that she was allowing me to play with her tit like this. I think the fact that it was dark out with only the light from the fire gave her a feeling that we were somewhat hidden. Although we were in clear view because we were standing right beside the fire. The fact that our friends were sitting 6 feet from the fire at the picnic table meant that they were more like shadows with their voice coming out of the dark. Yes the plain fact that we were piss drunk probably had something to do with it as well. Anyway, I continued to play with her nipple, rolling it between my fingers for a while and then thought I would up the anti once again. I slowly lowered my hand that had been playing with her tit to her waist and then slowly started bringing my hand back up, but this time my hand was under her shirt. I tried to be as inconspicuous as a drunken sex crazed male can be. I was not confident that I would get away with this move. I knew this would be pushing her way outside of her normal shy boundaries and that playing with her tit this way would be a lot more difficult to hide from our friends. In fact there would be no doubt they would clearly be able to see that I was playing with her tit. I delicately moved my hand up toward her tit and once again she did not stop me. I could not believe it. I had her bare little tit in my hand and she wasn't stopping me, in fact when I finally pinched her nipple she pushed her ass hard against my cock. The whole sexual energy and excitement of it all was getting to both of us. Her shirt was lifted up slightly showing her mid-drift as I played with her firm little tit.

I could not believe this was really happening. I threw caution to the wind and slipped my other hand up under her shirt so I had both of her tits in my hands. once again I was surprised that she did not stop me but rather tilted her head back towards me, a sign she was truly into it. My wife’s girlfriend started commenting, ”oh isn’t that sweet they are so in love that is great” “that’s wonderful you two are so in love that’s great”. Here I was feeling my wife’s breasts and she was making it sound like I had just given her a flower and a kiss on the cheek or something. I guess it was not the words as much as the message behind the words which was, ”oh ya that’s great. I would love to see more ya play with her tits. keep going” It was kind of hypnotic, the heat from the fire, our sexual excitement knowing they were watching, and now her girlfriend egging us on in her non-descript way. I pushed her shirt up with my arms and let her tits out into the open so they could see her bare tits and hard nipples. She let out a little moan and put her head back resting it on my shoulder. We had been standing parallel to our friends so that we were not looking across the fire at them but were rather looking off into the bush. I slowly turned my wife so she was facing directly across the fire at our friends. They now had a straight on view of me playing with my wife’s tits. My wife’s girlfriend kept egging us on in her calm and gentle way. I reached one hand down and grabbed my wife’s crotch through her jeans. She squeezed her legs around my hand in response. I could feel the heat from her pussy through her jeans. She was so turned on that her jeans were actually wet from her pussy juice. I had never known my wife to get so turned her pussy was on fire. I rubbed her pussy through her jeans and ground my hard cock into her ass. Holy fuck I was on cloud nine. She was totally overwhelmed by the excitement of it all. Lost in a sexual haze by the fire. I reached up and unbuckled her jeans and pulled down her zipper and then reached down inside her panties to rub her sweet bald pussy. Her pussy was soaked and on fire. I slide my fingers back and forth over her clit as she quietly moaned. There she was facing our friends with her tits out in the open and me with my hand down the front of her pants rubbing her burning pussy. I could never even imagine it. Neither of my buddies had made a sound I am sure they were afraid if they did they may risk ending the show, but I know that my wife was thinking about the two of them sitting there watching her with rock hard cocks. I slipped my hand out of her pants and brought my fingers up to her mouth. She opened her lips and sucked my fingers in sucking all the pussy juice from them. I then reached down to her hips and slipped my thumbs into her jeans and started to tug them down. She wiggled her hips and her jeans fell to the ground and she stepped out of them. She was now standing in front of the fire with her tiny yellow panties on and her shirt pulled above her tits. I could not believe how turned on I was by the thought that there was people watching me play with my wife. I was feeling proud in fact that I was giving them a show and I was going to make it a good show.

I teasingly rubbed her pussy through her panties. I was not going to give it all away to our viewers that easy. I was going to keep them guessing as to how far this was going to go. I slowly ran my fingers up and down her pussy pushing her panties into her wet slit. Her panties were so wet they were sticking right to her skin showing the folds of her pussy. I worked my finger into her pussy working her panties into her hole so that when I took my fingers away her panties ran down between her pussy lips and into her cunt. When I took my hand away I am sure her wet pussy was could be seen clearly across the fire due to her wet glistening panties. With her panties being worked up her pussy they helped to keep her pussy spread for all to see. She was now moaning freely and grinding her crotch into my hand. Her girlfriend was still egging us on, it was now kind of a dull drowning of encouragement I could hear in the background of it all. I reached up and pulled her jacket off and lifted her shirt the rest of the way over her head. Now all she had on was her yellow panties, which were worked well up her cunt and into her pussy crack. She then reached back around with one of her hands and rubbed my hard cock, unbuckled my jeans, and began fumbling with my zipper. I finished unzipping my pants and quickly pulled them off not wanting to interrupt the flow of our display. I used one hand to play with one of her tits and the other to tease her swollen clit through her soaked panties. She reached back and stroked my cock threw my shorts. We were both on a sexual high like never before as you could just feel the sexual excitement not just from us but from the other three who were watching us from the other side of the fire. My wife worked my cock out of my shorts and rubbed the pre cum oozing from my cock all over my shaft, which made her hand glide softly up and down my cock. I pulled my shorts the rest of the way down and pulled her sweet little round ass up against my hard shaft so I could rub my hard cock up against her ass. I needed to feel her bare ass so decided it was time she lost her panties.I worked her panties down over her ass first and she immediately pressed her ass against my throbbing cock. I grabbed her by the hips and slid my cock up and down between the crack of her ass. This hot little fucking minks was driving me wild beyond my dreams. After riding my cock between her ass cheeks a few time I pulled her panties the rest of the way down. And slide my fingers between her pussy lips. I had never in all my life felt a women so fucking hot and wet. She was purely on fire like never before. I tapped on her inner thigh indicating for her to spread her legs a little wider which she did. I then reached around with both hands and pulled her pussy apart for friends to see. Apparently my buddies could not handle it any longer and started commenting out across the fire. It started out mild with …”oh ya that is hot” “man you have great tits” and continued to get hotter and hotter, or dirtier and dirtier.

Now they were all making hot little encouraging comments like "oh ya spread her pussy, oh ya put your fingers up her pussy, squeeze her tits” we were no longer shy as we had gone way past that and there was no turning back now. I reached back and pushed my hard cock down so it would slide between her legs. I slide my hard cock between her wet pussy lips. She rocked her hips back and forth sliding her pussy lips up and down my shaft. There were now calls for me to slide my cock into her tight pussy and fuck her good. I could not disagree the ideas sounded damm fine to me. I grabbed her tits with both hands and squeezed her nipples. She read my mind and reach down and pushed the head of my cock into her wanting pussy. I had to concentrate on the rocks by the fire to keep from loosing my load right there. My balls were covered with pussy juice in no time as I slowly slide my swollen member deep into her pussy. Her pussy was flowing like a river. The constant dirty talk from our friends had driven up purely insane. As I was fucking my wife in front of the fire for all to see all of a sudden I noticed my wife’s girlfriend approaching us. Now she is a little brunette hottie not much bigger then my wife but with smaller tits. I had no idea where this was heading but I was not going to say a damn thing at this point. She walked over and put one hand on my wife's shoulder, her other hand brushed away my hand that was playing with her tit and took its place, and then she started to kiss my wife. My wife reached up and put her hand on the back of her head and pulled her into an even hotter passionate kiss. My wife reached up at this point and lifted her friend’s shirt and bra up over her tits letting those perky little tits out into the night air. Her tits are somewhere between a large size A and a small size B and were just perfect. I had dreamed of her little tits many a time and now there they were. Her nipples were much larger then I would have expected for the size of her tits. I was a bit jealous that it was my wife that was playing with them and not me. The two of them continued to be embraced in a wild necking frenzy while my wife played with her tits and she played with one of my wife’s tits and rubbed my wife’s pussy and my cock as it slide in and out of her dripping hole. That was all it took for me to lose my load (I'm surprised I lasted that long). As I came so did my wife and she let out a moan that I'm sure all the animals in the forest heard!! After that we all went to sleep and woke up the next day with huge hangovers and fuzzy memories. That was the first of many camping trips my wife and I took with them.


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