Sexy Outfit

Sexy Outfit

Hi Webmaster,

My wife and I went to Vegas for a 2 day holiday and she has been promosing me that if ever we go she'll do whatever I asked. So, while there I dressed her as a sexy swinger-type woman in the outfit you see her wearing in the pics (the red one) with a short black skirt and took her to the Studio 54 at the MGM Grand. You should have seen the looks she got. She was also sweating from the stress of it all but was als turned on and having a good time smiling at me every 2 minutes as if to say, 'are we really doing this?'

There I paraded her around, and made her show off, and gave her away to some of the guys following us around to dance with. She had a blast! She must have danced with about 6 different guys dirty dancing style and I got to see a hell of a show and be so lucky as to be the one taking her home that night. When we left she was in a rush to get to our room and we had a wild night. It's too bad it was only one weekend but now she will parade around the house for me in lingerie (see last pic) to remind me of that night and it gets us going.

Please don't post our email and do let us know when the will be posted.

Jeff & Misty

Sexy Outfit

Sexy Outfit

Sexy Outfit


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