Is this truthordarepics?

I hope so because if not I'm sending a picture of my bare ass being spanked to some stranger LOL.

The stranger is my friend Carla doing it as a favor to me - but really for my boyfriend. See he asked me if I would ever sleep with another girl and we got to talking and I said I would one day. Well, one day came and we talked about perhaps asking Carla. When I eventually did (it took me weeks to gather up the courage) she turned red and then turned me down since she was just dating someone new and didn't want to complicate it etc. but said she was flattered. I said sorry and she told me not to worry and gave me a hug. Then she said she had a wicked idea! That I dress up for him in the school girl outfit I wore last halloween, which is his fav, but this time go pantiless and she would tell me how naughty I was and spank me like a teacher would and at least we could give him a tease. It wasn't a bad consolation. So I waited for him one night and when he got back he looked at me and asked why I was dressed like that. I told him that I did it for him and that did he like it?

He said "oh yeah" and then the front doorbell rang. Carla had gone out the back when he came in and then ran around to the front to make it seem like she was just popping in. I answered and she came in saying wow, was I a naughty girl? Then she bent me over, lifted my skirt and gave me a few slaps! My man's jaw dropped and we couldn't help but giggle and stop what we were doing. We then explained everything and he said please continue but we were too shy by then. He the begged for at least a picture and Carla agreed. So then he bolted upstairs and was back in record time and then we took this picture. Carla left not long afterwards and we decided to go upstairs and do what we intended. Please do not post my email webmaster.





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