Swapping Sex Stories

Swapping Sex Stories

Hi All Readers,

My boyfriend and I have been dating for a year now and we recently took our first vacation together. It was truely fantastic! I had never been to a all-inclusive resort before and certainly not one where being topless is allowed and pretty much accepted. It was all new for me.

With his encouragement I decided to try it. Going topless that is and it was really something. It gave me a feeling of being free that I think all your female readers should try out for themselves. It also got us started onto sex subjects and also onto the 'talk'. The one where we swap sex stories from our past. It was a big turn-on actually to hear what he had done and to picture him doing it. Some of the girls I knew and some of them were unknown to me. Wen it came to be my turn I told him of a few of the men I had dated but one in particuliar stood out for him and he wanted me to share it with you all. Even though we've been back for some time now he still loves to hear it. So here's how it went ....

I was at a huge graduation party that me and my friends where invited to. Well of course everyone was absolutley drunk like at most parties of this nature, and at this party they had a swimming pool. It was a hot night so we all thought to jump in and take advantage. I then noticed this older girl who had been eyeing me all night long, but I wasn't quite sure wha to make of it. Anyways when my friends had gotten out of the pool this girl whose name was Christy came up to me and told me she thought I was really cute. I felt tight and unsure but I said thank you. We ended up talking about everything under the sun and she turned out to be a really nice person. Then under the water I suddenly felt her touching my leg. She did it so slowly that I just let it be, again not sure of myself. Then she went higher and higher going up my leg ever so slowly and eventually right up to my pussy. WHAT A HUGE TURNON it was. She was sooo gentle and soooo good. She wispered in my ear "do you like this?" and I nodded yes and she said, "will you cum for me?" and again being silent I nodded yes and right then had a mild orgasm and her fingers rubbed and rubbed. After that I stayed silent not knowing what to do but Christy was smiling at me and I smiled back. Then we got out of the pool and joined the party like nothing had happened. It was a nice experience for me.

I am attaching a few pictures of me at the resort being brave and bareing. I hope many of you try it out for yourself. - Cody

Swapping Sex Stories

Swapping Sex Stories

Swapping Sex Stories

Swapping Sex Stories

Swapping Sex Stories


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